Caryl Roberts (founder & director)

Change Dynamics was founded by Caryl Roberts in response to the increasing pace and complexity of change that faces individuals in organisations, teams and society.


Caryl is an independent coach, consultant and facilitator working with individuals, teams and organisations to help them adapt to, create and lead change.


She believes that developing change capability is key to building sustainable futures and that we all have the capacity to develop change mastery.


Caryl has extensive experience of working with clients ranging from large global organisations through to small local charities both in the UK and Internationally.


She’s a certified coach with the AOEC (Association of Executive Coaches) and coaches at all levels in organisations.


Before setting up independently in 2008 she spent the previous 15 years working in businesses in a variety of sectors in leadership and management roles.




Change Dynamics regularly work with experienced change and leadership coaches and consultants both in the uk and abroad.

Our Associates have diverse backgrounds and experience but share a common passion – developing change capability across the world. We are pleased to be able to offer scale and flexibility for larger projects and can provide associate details on request.



In addition to our associates we partner with businesses who bring different specialisms to the work that we do, some of our partners include:

PA to Go, JP IT Solutions, Midwinter Web Design


If you’d like to find out more please contact us




We help clients:


Influence and engage others in their change agenda


Lead their team more effectively through change


Find a path through a period of high uncertainty


Plan for a major change they have committed to


Find a way out of a cycle they’ve been in for some time


Develop resilience through extended periods of change


Make sense of the change they are facing


No one size fits all, however there are some tried and tested methodologies that we know work in periods of high change and uncertainty. We offer any combination of coaching, facilitation and consultation to meet your needs.



We are specialists in supporting leaders and teams in transition. We offer 1:1 coaching on an individual basis or as part of a wider project. All our coaches have senior level business and coaching experience.


We design and facilitate workshops and programmes that are experiential, challenging and impactful. Examples include team workshops that build alignment and trust or business wide leadership transition programmes.


We will partner with you understand what you want to achieve, offer methods and tools that help you move forward and lead to tangible actions.



The question that occupies us is:

How can we equip current and future generations to adapt to, create and lead change?


The ability to adapt to change is fundamental.


We believe that the more people who are able to confidently and consciously lead, manage and sustain change the better the workplace and the world will be.


We see the transformative effect that change can bring, people become unstuck, decisions are made, momentum is gained, goals and dreams are met.


We believe that people have the wisdom and ability to transform their worlds.


We work and live in complex systems that can make change feel impossible, being able to step outside of the system and gain new perspective can offer a way to unlock that.





We are a small client led change agency and we exist to enable individuals and teams make significant changes in their lives.


Client led because each and everyone of our clients is unique so we don’t have an off the shelf one size fits all approach.


Enable because sometimes the world moves faster than you can. We work with you to develop your capability to move with it.


The values that guide our work are:


taking the step into the arena, making the change you want happen



looking beneath the surface, exploring what’s happening, what’s gone before and what’s possible



working together we can potentially create what we hadn’t previously even considered



Tools we can use

We are one of a few organisations licensed to use Executive Arts transition tools.

These are a series of powerful transition tools we use to frame change conversations to explore the unknown, give new perspective and insight and lead to action.


We have successfully used these tools with:

Teams experiencing high change and uncertainty to create shared understanding and agreement about their next steps


Leaders who need to engage others to change, to develop clarity and a compelling story


Individuals making significant personal changes, to provide direction and develop resilience


Bespoke 360 feedback

We will design a specific 360 if required to meet your needs

We also have expertise in the psychometric tools below, we don’t always recommend them, but they can be powerful when used in the right context.


EQI – Working with your emotions in an intelligent way

Firo B – builds effective working relationships

MBTI - provides insight into how we interact in the world

SDI – Understand how motives drive behaviours.




For me Caryl was the perfect match, easy to talk to, very down to earth but having a very direct approach with snippets of positivity always thrown in!! Underpinning her style is a comprehensive theoretic knowledge which she draws upon to relay the best possible learning technique for you and this I found really helpful. I have had coaches before but Caryl’s professional guidance and obvious expert experience has moved my skills set forward.

HR Director, Professional Services

I found Caryl to be challenging, energising and fun to work with and can wholeheartedly recommend her as a  coach. She helped me become more effective and resilient through sensitive challenge,  providing frameworks to deepen my understanding of behaviour and developing greater flexibility in my thinking.

Head of Marketing, Retail




Please contact us using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.


We would be more than happy to chat with you about your particular project, please call or email.

Email us:

Caryl Roberts - email: caryl@change-dynamics.co.uk

Sandy Evans - email: sandy@change-dynamics.co.uk

Call us:

Mob: +44 (0) 7919 696330 - Office: +44 (0) 1793 739218

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